NYCircuit, the voice of a new generation, is a new magazine started by 2 Trinity students (Molly is a senior and Lauren graduated last year). The staff consists of students from other uptown private schools in Manhattan. Brearly, Trinity, Dwight School, Horace Mann and Columbia Prep.

I was very interested in checking out this magazine. The first issue is an 80ish page bound mag with glossy paper. Pretty impressive for a high school rag. Obviously Daddy put a little money into this. The concept is to give NY teenagers a voice of their own (note the tag line).

If this is the voice of NY teenagers, then we should all be very concerned about this generation of kids. The magazine is beyond pretentious. The Must Haves section quite frankly, frightened me. For instance, I quote from the Juicy clothing piece “every new york city girl has at least one item of apparel and now guys are sporting them too. So what will make your Juicy sweat suit stand out from all the rest”. FYI – Juicy sweatsuits run about $100 or more. Here is another one. Stylish boots at $285. Shoes from Madden to Miu Miu. Miu Miu?? Warm sweaters starting at $220. School outfits for daytime and night. The most frigthening is the spread on “the best denim”. There is not a pair of pants for under $128. I believe that I am wearing some of the items sported in this magazine. Don’t miss the recipes for Marvelous Cocktails – sans alcohol.

Are these kids learning any values? Are they grounded? If this is the life that these kids are living at 16, how will they be living at 21? 25? 30? I gather that their parents will be supporting this trendy, expensive lifestyle for the rest of their lives. Do these kids have any ideas about diversity, inclusion and responsibility to the voice of other kids within their schools? Maybe all kids at these schools live the life style of the rich and famous but I doubt it.

Although, I certainly acknowledge the time and energy put into this publication but did they actually sweat it out? Pay for it themselves? Start with a newspaper type print publication stapled instead of beautifully bound glossy paper. Incredible how the ad revenues are advertisers that are coveted by New York Magazine or Gotham. Did they pound the pavement with their concept to advertisers or ask their parents friends for help?

This magazine certainly makes me even more committed to raising kids iin NYC with a perspective about the value of money, not growing up too soon, giving back to people that are not as fortunate, being inclusive of all people and having friends that do not see themselves as entitled. The kids that wrote that magazine sure do.

What can I say, it just took my breath away. Yuck, yuck, yuck!!!