Coffee is a very personal thing. You can get coffee served in a variety of ways. Decaf, full on caffeinated, espresso, cappuccino, additional flavorings, etc. I could go on forever. Who would have thought that coffee bars have changed the world?

I grew up in a household where coffee was taken seriously. We fresh ground the beans each morning and used the Melita drip pot. You woke up smelling the coffee aroma circulating through the house. Also, we all learned to drink our coffee black.

I have gone through a variety of methods of making coffee in the morning. I prefer the french plunger. I think the coffee tastes the most intense and robust. I have recently purchased an electric drip which grounds the beans for you. I only bought it for when we have more people over for breakfast than just us. The biggest plunger is only 8 cups and that’s not enough for Saturday and Sunday mornings.

I admit, I am not a fan of Starbucks. I like their chai tea but not their coffee. It tastes burnt to me. There are a variety of good coffee places in my neighborhood. Porto Rico on Bleeker not only sells every bean known to mankind but they do make a pretty good cup of coffee too. The other hotspot is Jack’s on West 10th Street. Not only does he make a good cup of coffee by stir brewing, he sells good side sweets. That is an important feature for the afternoon cup. I prefer the biscotti but it is always fun to see how good everything else looks. Today I went to a new place, Joe’s on the corner of Waverly and Gay. This place has the best coffee so far. Each cup is self made in some new fangled way of brewing it. Very impressive taste. Rich and incredibly full of taste.

So, as I amble around the village, on the search for the perfect cup of Joe…I will be going back to Joe’s to have my next afternoon fix.