Kerry picks Edwards

I was thrilled yesterday morning to see that Kerry picked Edwards. Great choice. The 2 of them were the popular candidates in the Democratic primary. Polls have shown that people really like Edwards which is a huge asset.

I saw Edwards at a fundraiser this past year. He talked about being on the road and working it for Gore. He explained to our audience of Northeastern Democrats that a lot of people in this country vote for a candidate just because they like him. He had conversations with many people in the South who said as much as they preferred Gore’s policies they were voting for Bush. Why? Because they just liked the guy, they could go out and have a beer with him. As Edwards explained, it is hard to change that mentality. So, as the polls show that people just like Edwards, as Edwards explained, that is a major plus in the Democrats favor.

My heart sank when I saw the front page of the Post, although I knew that Edwards was the choice already. Did I make a mistake? No, the Post made a huge guffaw. But, thank god they were wrong. The thought of Gephardt being the number 2 man would have been a tremendous error for the Kerry camp. Gephardt does not represent a winner. He represents the losers in the Democratic party that need to move out of office. I have met Gephardt and he does not strike me as anything but a politician in the worst sense.

Bottom line, my hats off to the Kerry campaign choosing the right man for the number 2 job.

My son has a shirt that my brother gave each of us to wear. He loves wearing it. It just says November 2nd on it. Whenever anyone asks what it means, he just says “the day that we vote George Bush out of the White House”. I hope that the choice made yesterday is the right step in that direction.