Modest Mouse

We (my husband) went to see Modest Mouse last night at the Hammerstein Ballroom. They were really great. They have a terrific sound. A bit grunge, a bit southern twang, very rock and they use a variety of instruments from a cello to a banjo.

The lead singer, Isaac Brock, seemed to be a bit of an asshole on stage but he does have one helluva a good voice and makes great music.

For me, the biggest problem going to these concerts is being short. Now, in my 20’s, I certainly weaved myself to the front of the stage so who cared that I am a shorty. Well, now I am quite older, 42 to be exact and my state of mind at a concert is a bit different. So, we hung out in the back. I didn’t see much but I do get to hear. I am not sure that I was one of the oldest people there but close to it.

Regardless, I still enjoy going, listening and checking out the crowd. I’d prefer better seating than standing in the mass on the floor but sometimes we get lucky and sometimes we don’t. We saw Pete Yorn at the Hammerstein a few years back and I convinced the security people to let us up to the “vip” seating. It was my night, last night wasn’t but I sure as hell enjoyed the show.