Why I am torturing myself going to see all of the documentaries this summer that make me furious at the right wing of our country, I have no idea. Outfoxed sent me reeling. The movie basically looks at how Fox is a propaganda network for the GOP. Rupert Murdoch, who is a serious conservative, has used his power (considering he owns the majority of newspapers, networks, radio etc. in the world) to promote the right wing agenda.

His network spends the entire day staying on GOP message. By the time the day is over, you have no idea where the information came from – true or false – but somehow it is the gospel. There is nothing like true “fair and balanced” journalism. It is purely one sided propaganda. Although the tagline for the Fox network is “fair and balanced”.

There were interviews with a variety of non-profit organizations that monitor this type of stuff. So, what really infuriated me is how did our government let this happen? What type of democracy are we? I would hope that if Kerry (please become our President) becomes elected that there will be changes made in the Media. The Media is controlling our country, our thoughts and our views. The fast food industry spends billions of dollars promoting their fat producing unhealthy food. The fruit and vegetable industry spends almost nothing. Fox network spends all day promoting a GOP agenda. There are only a few large media outlets that have made our country more interested in the love story between Ben and Jennifer than health care. It is pathetic.

So, what do we do? I do not trust the government that we have in place now. Do you contact the FCC? I don’t know the answer.

I hope that bloggers are in some way the beginnings of change in the media sector. You can find your own pundits. You can find different pundits that have opposing views and make your own decisions. Admittingly I read the NYTimes cover to cover everyday. It this a fair and balanced newspaper or is it a newspaper that is leaning towards the left? I like it but I am left. What do we do as citizens to stop where we are now and continue down a different path. Is it that money holds the ultimate power with the government and the media? Yikes. I could go on forever but this movie is very disturbing and you have to ask why and how did we get to this? How could we leave the next generation a false democracy? What should we do?