Joe’s Pizza

What a sad sight this week. Joe’s Pizza, a true fixture in the West Village on Carmine and Bleeker, is closed. The good news is that they have an annex a few doors down that has remained open. But, it just isn’t the same.

Their rent went up to $15K a month, so Joe said enough. My kids are distraught. The kid’s at our school always go over there to grab a slice and stand at the tables. They knew all the counter guys. The place was always hopping. The ice’s were a fantastic treat to pick up in the spring and summer. Most of all, the pizza is so good. The mozzarella pizza is the best.

Most important, Joe’s was the ultimate fixture in the village. It was a great hang out. The vibe was great. It was a true NY place.

I am so sorry to see Joe’s move over to their other shop. That shop has a window to stand at and tables inside but it is a totally different feel.

God forbid a Starbucks opens up in that space. One of the best parts of the village is the wonderful singular food merchants that are supported by the locals. I hope that part of the village does not close, as Joe’s did sadly this week.