Grammercy Tavern

I can not count the amount of times that I have been to Grammercy Tavern.   During 1999, I literally ran an office out of GT one day a week.  We’d sit in the bar seats, the one to the left where there are 2 chairs and a sofa for 2.  It was my favorite spot.  We’d start with a business lunch, move into cookies and coffee with a new group around 3 and then move into drinks and cheeses around 5ish with another group and then end up with dinner and another group to close out the day. 
Needless to say, it was a foodies dream.  The food has always been delicious there.  The front room is one of my all time NYC hang outs.  The fresco above the bar, the lighting, the service is fantastic, the bar is classic, the floral arrangements are big and gorgeous.  Truly a must go to at one point.

If someone asked me to count how many times I have eaten at GT it would be absolutely impossible.  Maybe 100? 

Last night, we returned.  We met our friends for dinner.  We went early, hoping that there would be an opening at one of the tables in the front room where u can just show up with out reservations.  The back is a must reserve situation.  The place was jammed at 6:15…but we waited.  We got my favorite seat at 7pm.  We even bumped into other friends having a drink at the bar. 

The menu has basically stayed the same all these years, but is always delicious.  The artichoke salad, the grilled octopus, the filet, the salmon, the chicken.  All good.  The desserts are worth the extra calories…so is the cheese plate. 

I really like all of Danny Meyer’s restaurants but GT is one of those restaurants that to me, has become a NYC classic.