LREI Art Auction

Last night was the annual LREI Art Auction.  I believe this is the 26th year of this event.  Not only does the event raise money for the school, it is a fantastic event.  I’d say about half the people bidding on items come from outside the community and are involved in the art community.  Reason being we get some serious art work. 

The school has a history with artists, gallery owners, and people in the art in general.  We were bidding last night.  All the bids are silent.  There are folders on long tables in each gallery.  You are issued a number.  You enter your number and the price that you are willing to pay in the folder which represents the artists work.  At the end of the evening, a specific time, the folders are collected and the last bidder gets the piece.  People do a serious job of hovering over the table to get their last bids in before the folders are snatched up.  I admit, I was one of them.

We got 5 pieces last night and I’m thrilled. 

The 5 artists are Kimberly Dawn who is an emerging artist in NYC. 


Elizabeth Murray who has been working as an artist for quite some time.  The piece we bought was from 1984. 


We bought a small pen and ink from Coleen Fitzgibbon who is a parent at our school and married to Tom Otterness. 

We also got a photograph from a young artist named Addie Juell.  This image below is not that great but the peice is fun and wonderful in person.


Lastly, we got a whimsical piece made of pipe cleaners from Jim Sperber.


This is one of my favorite auctions of the year.  You can really get some good pieces and the prices vary from $50 – $10,000.  There is something for everybody which makes it a true community event.