On LIne Research

As our kids do projects for school, they are told that they can not use the Internet only but must use at least one book and possibly one magazine. 

My response to that was to say, that’s ridiculous.   So, the question that I posed to the Principal of the school is why?  He happens to be technologically savvy.  I posed the question,  doesn’t it make sense to teach the kids to use the Internet for research more intelligently.  Don’t we agree that kids who are more Internet savvy will be better off for their future?  Won’t there be more filters in the future that will allow students to find high-quality data?  Are libraries at colleges eventually going to become obsolete?

He made the point that kids tend to just try and get the work done.  They need to spend time wrestling with their thoughts, their ideas and come to some understanding of what they are doing. 

Agreed but I am not sure that opening up a book is going to change that.  Why don’t we spend time teaching kids how to promote their thinking through technology vs. the antiquated use of the library. 

My kids will certainly agree with me.  Through their constant use of the Internet, they have figured out what is rich data and what is not.  We all love books for reading but for research, it’s all on line.