Date Night

I had a hot date last night with my 9 year old son, Josh.   Dinner and a Knick game. 

We had dinner at Nick and Stef’s Steakhouse which actually has a back door straight into MSG.  Josh thought that was very cool.  The place was rocking.  Mostly filled with men.  Why do steakhouses attract groups of men more than anything?  The noise level in this restaurant was deafening although they do serve up a very good steak.  They are quick too.  Unfortunately we sat near the kitchen and since they are incredibly efficient, it was a little hard to take the plates coming in an out over our heads.  But, I would go back if I had an event again at the Garden.  Next time, I would sit in the front of the room, not in the back.  If I had only known. 

The Knicks suck.  It is too bad.  They played against the Toronto Raptors last night, who are pretty bad too.  At one point the Knicks were actually up by 15 and managed to give it all away, without even calling an overtime, in the third quarter.  The crowed booed viciously.  In the end, they Knicks lost by a lot.  Pathetic.  A new coach would be in order asap. 

Dsc00389 The game was so disappointing and boring that we left after the 3rd quarter, Josh’s request.  As we slipped out, we caught up with a group of Knick’s city dancers who were happy to take their picture with Josh.  A memorable moment.