The Dead 60’s

Dsc00395_1 Last night was the Dead 60’s first performance in the US and they rocked. 

When they walked on stage and started up the first thing that came to my mind was "wow, they are so young".  Maybe I am just getting older but I swear these guys look like they are 16.  I think they are 20. 

My guess is we will be hearing more and more from the Dead 60’s over the next decade.  4 young guys, beyond talented.  The lead singer, Matt McManamon know how to sing, rock and use a guitar.  His command of the audience got better after each song.  His side kicks, Charlie Turner on bass hangs to his left and sings too, Ben Gordon on the left going back and forth between guitar and the keys, and in back on drums is Brian Johnson. 

They almost sound like the Clash of this generation.  You can hear the influences.  Electronica is subtle but there.  There was a guitar and keyboard solos that showed how talented these guys were.  They were so into the music and their command of their instruments was impressive. 

All and all a great performance.  I’m really looking to forward to watching these guys grow.