What is wrong with this Administration?

I come home from a very nice family dinner with our friends at Bar Pitti, their local kitchen and I boot up Yahoo and what do I read?  The U.S.  to Tighten Border Controls.  New rules to be phased in by 2008, you will need a passport to get back in from to the US from Canada and Mexico.  UGH!

Eventually Americans will wake up that this Administration is so out of touch with reality.  Other countries have had it with us.  Our dollar is plummeting and I would find it hard to believe that the rest of the world will keep our currency afloat because we are so powerful.  Ha! Our holier than thou attitude will eventually kick us back in the ass.

We have entered the age of a global economy.  Frankly we entered it quite awhile ago.  Thanks to the Internet, the destruction of the Berlin wall and the Euro, times have changed.  Our kids are competing with the French, the Germans, the Indians, the Australians and the Indonesians for the same jobs.  Unless we spend some serious money on education, they might win. U.S. companies are looking to do business with the best, period, because it isn’t that difficult to partner with companies overseas.  There is instant communication.  The best and the brightest prevail regardless of location (oh, unless Mr. Bush attempts to pass more regulatory laws).  Hello Mr. Bush.  Wake up!!!

Every country around the world has issues with terrorism for a helluva longer than we have had.  When I was in college, back in the fall of 1981, in London, there were signs all over the tube to be wary of empty bags, etc. and report them immediately to the police.  By the way, being an inclusive country only pisses off the terrorists more particularly while we spend money over seas fighting in their countries to execute on our vision for their land. 

Why don’t we just open up our borders between Mexico and Canada.  Let’s create an Amero.  Take NAFTA to the ninth degree. You can go freely back and forth.  New jobs can be created.  We can educate an entire land of people that can live productive lives instead of being pissed off at the world because they live in poverty and are uneducated.  That would be if we actually spent money on our education system instead of just giving it back to people who don’t need it. Hello. 

When we are long gone, and our children’s great grandchildren are here to look back at history, they will be aghast at the morons that ran our Government during the George Bush Jr. tenure.  How out of touch with the times they actually were.  Perhaps there will be a different currency for each continent that is it.  We will be able to get to Japan from the US in under 4 hours.  Business will only be done globally. 

Let’s look to the future.  Please Democrats, get your shit together and get us out of this mess before it is too late.