Disgusting Politics

Reading the paper in the last few days has been beyond depressing.  What has our country come to?  Or was it always this way?

Bush decides to put Bolton is regardless of a confirmation process.  We all knew he was going to do that all along.  How pathetic is it that he is presiding over a Republican majority and he can’t even get them to take a stand and acknowledge the nomination of Bolton the old fashioned way.  Voting as a group with the Democrats.  Hello!  Doesn’t say much for Bush and his party.  I guess Bush doesn’t have enough faith in his group to get his ideas passed.  He only stands up for his loyal gang of cowboys, leading the pack of that posse is Karl Rove, who has shown what a really great guy he is. 

Pataki, the Governor of my state.  First of all, he has been and will always be an empty suit.  He is the ultimate politician.  He has managed to stay in office for years without doing much.  He can’t get it together to deal with the mess downtown after 9/11, how could he possibility run a country?  Yet he was able to block the passage of the morning after pill.  He seemed to be pro-abortion the entire time he was in office.  New York after all is primarily a blue state.  But yesterday he obviously got up and decided it was time to run for President, so he couldn’t vote for this because then he would lose the conservative vote.  Did he consider that they might look at the last 11 years prior to that one vote?  No.  Did he even look in the mirror that morning at himself and say that it was OK to behave like this?  Does he sleep at night?  Talk about a Politican.   

I am repulsed by Politics.  The money, the motives, the bullshit.  Does anyone really represent the good of the people or are they just in it for the power? 

We have had people ask us for advice, just advice, and the next day they call us for money.  Ugh.  Something needs to change. 

Even the Democrats in New York are angered that anyone who is a Democrat would put money into Bloomberg’s campaign.  Get over it!  Bloomberg has done a fantastic job making this city hum. After all, he really is a Democrat.  Could you imagine what a mess we would be in Mark Greene was our mayor?  I shudder at the thought.  Bottom line, if you execute on what you set out to, and do a good job, regardless of your party, people should support you.  Has everything become about them vs. us?  The Democrats have bad candidates.  Doesn’t anyone remember David Dinkins?  Yikes..

Based on this summer, my guess is that politically speaking,  this turn of events are going to make for a very bad Fall season.