Bush picks another Crony

2005_10_03t073132_450x313_us_bush_court_Bush chose another crony to fill the next vacancy on the Supreme Court.  Harriet Miers, his long time attorney.  She has been with him since his days as Governor of Texas.  She has never been a judge.  Bush says she has paved the way for women in Texas.  As if there are no other women in this country that haven’t paved the way too. 

Does the Senate think this is a good choice?  He apparently asked her for the job after dinner in the White House residence.  Perhaps George drank a few too many and just got loose lipped?  God knows.

What are the chances of this woman actually being qualified for this job?  What clout does George hold after the last few months of disasters?  The disastrous war, the bumbling idiots running divisions of our Government, who are also crony’s?  How much money are we going to spend on the confirmation process if in fact she isn’t qualified? 

I this what the next 3 years are going to look like?  What a sad day.