I have been thinking about the Oprah show where she scolded James Frey.  Shame, shame on Oprah.

I was a fan of Oprah.  Smart woman.  Good business person.  Brought interesting subjects to the table.  Published a magazine with pretty good content.  Got Americans to start reading. 

James Frey wrote a really good book.  In fact, he wrote 2 really good books.  A Million Little Pieces and My Friend Leonard.  It comes out that content in the books were not completely true even though it was sold as a memoir.  But, the majority of it was true and after all, it was his recall, no one elses.

Oprah put A Million Little pieces on her book of the month club.  Then, she found out that the book was part fiction.  She came out saying that she still supported the book.  Then changed in mid stream.  She invited James Frey back on her show to tsk tsk him.  It was completely self serving and disgusting.  Does Oprah now feel better about herself?

My friend brought a good point.  Oprah has celebrities on her show all the time who lie to the public about how they live their lives.  But, that is OK? 

Shame shame on Oprah.  I was a fan but she has definitely gotten too big for her britches.