Img_0549I have had lower back problems since I was pregnant with Jessica.  That would be 15 years ago.  I was huge and walked like a weeble wobble.  I fell and hurt my sciatic nerve, something common with women.  Not the falling part but the nerve part. 

I have learned to live with it.  My tolerance of pain is pretty high. Six years of yoga really helped the problem but I have moved out of my yoga phase and into my boot camp phase.  Boot camp is not exactly soothing so I have found the pain to be flaring up.  Someone recommended acupuncture.

It is something that I have considering before, with other injuries.  What can I say, I’m a mess.  Yesterday I went for the first time.  Mitchell Wolf is located in Soho.  He does acupuncture, shiatsu, yoga etc.  Really nice guy.  The whole process and concept of Eastern medicine is pretty cool.  I plan on continuing to see if this is the trick.  I’ll keep you posted.