I find it hard not to be disgusted with politics these days.  This administration is a bunch of lying scumbags who are leading us on a path of destruction.  The Democrats are no better.  I know that they are not the majority and majority rules but they cow tow to anything and have yet to figure out how to have a clear message.  The politics as usual is becoming unattractive.

I loved the post that Mark Pincus wrote on Warner, who is running for President in 2008.  Mark is right on the money and I hope someone out there is listening. Read what Mark has to say.  To give you a taste of his rant.  Here is the gist of the article below straight from the post.

How cool would it be to see a fuck washington campaign funded by a small group of billionaires and millions of ants?! Hell yes. Politics could get fun.

And mark, what do you have to lose? Let’s see, you can go the safe pussy route and be the next kerry backup in case hillary trips. Even then your just an alternative to condie or whichever lame republican stick figure.

OR you could emerge as a leader with passion (like al gore became after he gave up). You could stop being so fucking polite and point your brains and money against washington to give the power to the people. If not now, when? After you’re elected? Nfw.

I love it!