To eat or not to eat

There are those that enjoy food.  Look forward to going to great new restaurants.  Savor delicious delicacies.  Talk about the next meal.  Some food people go to the next level. Looking forward to the next food magazine coming in the mail.  Buy new cookbooks and read each recipe.  That person would be me. 

Good food has always been important.  My mother is an excellent cook.  My grandmother was a great baker.  Not to pass judgment here, but Jews in general, like food.  Vacations, family outings, holidays, etc. are all centered around the meal. 

This accounts for the constant discussion of food.  The constant diet.  To me, it is just a fact of life.

Fred, who is now a true foodie, grew up in a house where food, to him, was more a source of nutrition.  After all, you can’t survive without food and water.  The meal was just something you had to do. 

When 2 worlds collide, it is funny what type of habits or interests you take on from your significant other. 

As we were having dinner last night, we were talking about the post-winter plump. Fred turned to me and said "I didn’t eat until I met you".  It just made me laugh out loud.