Driving a Vespa

Images_11Perhaps because I am driving a Vespa these days, but I don’t think so.  Every day there are more Vespas or Scooter type vehicles on the street.  On my block alone, I have noticed that first there was one, now there are 8.  Hmmm.  I hope the city finds a way to promote this type of driving because us against the cabs, buses, cars and bicycles are a little overwhelming.

I knew that the Vespa world was definitely growing as of yesterday.  I pulled up to a stop sign and a Vespa pulls right up next to me.  I look to my left and I see our friends on the Vespa.  He’s driving, she’s in the back.  I just started to laugh.  We’re getting together this week so I asked, "hey, what time are we meeting tomorrow night?"  Response…"You pick, just send us an email." and off we rode.  You gotta love it.