Jess_coachWatching Jess coach basketball this weekend was great.  The coach couldn’t make it Saturday so she was promoted to the top dog this week.  During the season she plans on being the assistant coach. 

Growing up I worked for the Montgomery County Department of Recreation.  Not only did I work in the office where we organized all the teams, the gear, the payment and coaches for all the elementary and Jr. high school sports programs in Montgomery Country, I also coached.  It was a blast. 

Montgomery County is in Maryland.  I believe that the MCDR is the largest one of its kind next to a program similar in California.  It is actually quite impressive.  They offer every elementary school and sometimes the Jr. High schools, depending on the season, after school sports programs.  Anything from field hockey, flag football, basketball, soccer and softball.  The majority of coaches were and I assume still are High school kids like myself. 

I made minimum wage.  I drove around in a beat up 1971 convertable Mustang that was filled with sports equipment and tshirts from each program and showed up to coach.  I got to motivate the kids, teach them a sport and have a good time all at once.

Watching Jessica coach this weekend reminded me of how good it felt to coach.  I know she is loving it regardless of the many frustrations of trying to teach.  She is patient and enthusiastic which is the best you can hope for.

Go team!