What’s up with the dogs?

What’s up with the dogs?  Call me crazy but I find it incredibly rude and pretentious to wander through stores shopping with your dog.  Unless you are in need of a seeing eye dog, you should not be allowed to go into stores with your dog.  People have allergies, people are scared, some people just don’t like dogs….SHOCK!

I grew up with a dog.  We have a dog, Lucky.  A 11 year old golden retriever mutt that we saved from the pound 10 years ago.  He is a sweet dog but I don’t take him out shopping. 

This past weekend, I was strolling and shopping through East Hampton with Jessica and Emily.  We were in Scoop.  That alone is anxiety ridden.  There were 4-5 dogs also shopping there.  These weren’t tiny lap dogs they were medium to full sized dogs.  I heard barking at one point.  Also, it is hard to get through when there is a dog pulling their owners leash across the aisle.  At one point, one of the parents had given the family beagle ( a big beagle ) over to their 7 year old.  The next thing we knew, this boy was in our dressing room with the beagle jumping all over us and our clothes.  I pushed the dog down and asked the boy if he could pull the dog out.  He tried to.  Then the father called him and saw what had happened.  Do you think the father could have apologized or said anything.  Not a word of acknowledgment.  No surprises there.  Anyone would would travel through a store with their dog in tow says something in itself.  I can do whatever I want.  No rules for me. Dogs are meant for homes and parks not for shopping.  If your dog is lonely at home, get them a sitter or another dog to hang out with.  It is completely inconsiderate of people to bring their dogs shopping period.

Another dog story to share.  My friend was at the post office yesterday and a woman brought her dog in.  The postmaster told the woman is it against the law to bring a dog in the post office unless it was a seeing eye dog.  The woman ranted and raved on how that was not fair.  People in line were a bit taken back by this woman.  Then the woman actually said if you can’t bring dogs in the post office, you shouldn’t be able to bring children in either.  Children vs. dogs?  Doesn’t that just sum it up?  I admit I have seen people walking their dogs actually walking with their dogs in their arms.  Purpose?  I have also seen people with a dog in a baby bourne (the front packs where you put very young children instead of a stroller).  I peeked to see the baby and instead I saw a dog.  Yikes. Although, I have yet to see a dog in a stroller. 

I am a dog lover, believe me.  But, dogs are not people and they aren’t children.  They are certainly man’s best friend but that doesn’t mean they should sit at the table and eat with you or should they help you shop.