IVariety_of_spices know I posted about this store a few years back but I can’t help but write about Kalustyans again.  Another one of my favorite spots in New York.  When I go to Kalustyans I cant help but go a little crazy.  It can be dangerous. 

This small shop is a foodies dream.  30 + olive oils from all over the world, every dried fruit imaginable, tons of nuts, chutneys, rice galore, spice central, Japanese soy sauces, even Moroccan lemons.  I could go on and on. 

My favorite treat is upstairs.  Two men who have probably been cooking together and friends for years.  Indian food.  They usually have 6 different offerings a day.  I picked up 2 taste thrills.  A combination of eggplant, onions and spices that was incredible, the other was a lentil dish that was crunchy, tasty and delicious.  So good.  They also carry a variety of Indian breads at the counter stuffed with vegetables or plain or just spinach, spicy and simple.  They are all delicious too. 

As I said, it is tough to not spend hours in there or buy up everything in sight.  I love this place.