Arts in Downtown Manhattan

Downtown Manhattan from 14th street and below has been completely transformed the past 5 years.  Construction is everywhere from the World Trade Center to the Highline.  Numerous amount of places to live are being built around these areas.  New stores, restaurants, etc. open daily.  Downtown Manhattan is returning to the turn of the 20th Century. 

So, where is the next Lincoln Center going to be built downtown?  Where will there be large theaters to show music, theater, dance etc?  Of course there are many small venues but there are small venues and large venues uptown.  Where will the large venues of downtown New York be built?

Where is the visionary behind the rebuilding of lower Manhattan?  As more and more families remain in NYC, and live downtown, why aren’t the arts going to be available to them on a larger scale.  Will it always be necessary to see sports teams play at the Garden?  Will the Garden be the only venue when the Stones come to town?  Will the latest theater group, like a Manhattan Theater Club, not be available in a downtown setting? 

In the urban environment of Manhattan, most people still like to stay in their neighborhoods.  As public funds are being eliminated for the arts, where is our Robert Moses?