Yesterdays awful tragedy at Virginia Tech set off a barrage of questions about gun control in our house.  Why?  Why should people be allowed to buy guns?  Can’t guns just be issued to people in law enforcement?  How can someone get a gun so easily?  Why is that part of our constitution, the right to bear arms?  What is the point?  Haven’t they done studies that show that people who are getting killed by random gun shootings are people who shouldn’t be carrying guns in the first place?  Why do people feel they have to own a gun?  Don’t people feel safe?  Are there checks done before owning a gun?  How come our Government didn’t make major changes after Columbine?  Who the hell is the NRA anyway?

As we have found out this morning that the shooter was a student, other questions will come up.  How come nobody saw it coming?  I am not sure that is the question or if there is an answer.

I want to know why after tragic shootings occur daily, why are private citizens allow to carry guns at all?  If nobody owned guns,  there would be no reason to own one in order to protect yourself because there would be nobody to protect yourself against.

I would hope that Congress would do something radical after this tragedy, like amend the Constitution but my guess is, as usual, our Senators and Congressman will keep the NRA happy instead of being bold and making change for what the majority of the country more than likely supports or for that matter, should support.