Growing up we all had braces.  The technology today is quite different.  Pulling out teeth is not a must and starting early is best because it helps the ortho shape your mouth as you grow.  With 3 kids, I have become a pseudo expert.

When we were kids, we’d go to the ortho office and there was a procedure.  First you would sit in the waiting room.  Then you would sit on the long bench in the back room and then you’d get to one of the chairs that were lined up in a row ( no privacy ) for the treatment.  There was a door at the end of the room that none of the clients went into.  My Mom used to say that is where they keep all the money.  Now that we have 1 kid almost done with the ortho and 2 kids still in it, I understand what she meant.  The cost is extraordinary.

Yesterday Josh has some new fangled equipment put in.  I couldn’t help but take a picture.