If this doesn’t call for Impeachment, what does?

What is wrong with this picture?  Our former surgeon General, Richard Carmona, has just testified to Congress about the true interactions of this Administration.  I am outraged. 

Carmona was told that he was not allowed to talk about stem cells, emergency contraception, sex education, or prison, mental and global health issues.  Why?  He was told not to.  Is it because of big business and the Religions right, who knows.  Does anyone actually think that is the best thing for our country.  Don’t talk about the issues or let people (that is you and me) know about the realities of second hand smoke.  But the big kicker is he was ordered that when ever he was to give a speech, Carmona had to mention President George Bush’s name at least three times during a speech.   What’s up with that?

To me, this is a bit of an eye opener into what goes on behind the White House walls.  Not that we are so surprised but enough already.  What is congress waiting for?  Suppressing more information to the American public.  Isn’t that reason for impeachment?  This dictatorship is gone in 18 months whether they like it or not.  As I am going out to watch Harry Potter tonight I can’t help but think that Dick Cheney is Voldemort, the evil doer behind all of this insanity because Bush is too much of a coward.