What’s up with the tickets?

Yesterday I got 3 parking tickets.  I got a new motor bike so Fred could inherit the Vespa and I could get something smaller and better suited to me.  The Vespa was just a tad too heavy and big.

I got a ticket for parking on the sidewalk, which was close up to the house we are renting in the West Village.  In essence, it was parked on my property.  Not paying that ticket.  Also, got two tickets for not having the inspection sticker.  If the cop had checked their handheld, they would find out that through the license plate number that it was a new bike and I had a temporary inspection sticker (a piece of paper).  NY sends out the inspection stick in a week and then it will be placed on the bike.

Now I have to write a letter with the tickets to deal with it.  I am not the only one.  Giving tickets seem to be a big push this week.  What’s the deal?  I have seen more orange tickets around the city in the past day.  Are they just writing them without looking or are they actually legit?