Who to vote for?

I am so on the fence.   What is interesting is the same conversation I keep having with people.  The pro’s and con’s to Hillary and Obama.  One day I lean one way, the next day I lean another. 

I have always believed that the campaign you run says something about the candidate from the onset.  Obama and Hillary have both run good campaigns.  Obama came out of the gate slowly but continues to reach new heights daily.  Hillary has managed her campaign well from the get go.  Although the last few days Hillary doesn’t seem to be in charge of her own campaign, Bill does.  That does not sit well with me.  If she is the candidate for Presidency, she should be the voice not Bill.  I love Bill but send him home. 

I’ve really enjoyed the last few debates between Edwards, Hillary and Obama.  It is obvious that each one of them is smart and understands the issues at many levels.  All 3 are incredibly intelligent which is refreshing.  I never believed that George Bush understood the basics of supply and demand which is obvious from the mess we are in now.  So to see 3 stellar Democratic candidates talk openly and honestly about issues from energy to social security to Iraq to the Middle East to college educations for everyone is inspiring. 

So who is my candidate?  What I like about Hillary is that she is smart.  She understands how Washington works.  She has done a great job being a junior senator and assumed that role with her sleeves rolled up.  She has worked inside Washington playing politics, making sacrifices to get things passed and learned how to reach over to the other side of the table.  She is tough and has no problems making decisions.  She is also organized.  Take a look at Chelsea Clinton and you know that there is more to Hillary than meets the eye.  She gets that our country is in turmoil and we need a major change to take place.  I do believe that Hillary has a very different agenda than Bill and that should come out more during her campaign but doesn’t.  Is she too controlled?  Yet on the other hand, she does get Washington and is that a good thing?  Is she going to be able to look at the way Government is run with a set of fresh eyes?  I am worried that we will be in for another round of politics as usual even though Hillary doesn’t want to go there, she already has her relationships in Washington etched in stone. 

Obama.  Smart, sharp, visionary.  All the things you want in a candidate.  Is it a good thing or a bad thing that he has absolutely no idea how Washington runs.  Will he get there and spin his wheels?  Will he be able to make tough decisions quickly or will he spend too much time attempting to get everyone on his side of the table.  His speeches about change and a new America are inspiring but part of me says "where’s the beef"?  Hillary talks about how she will get things done and Obama talks more about big picture.  Big picture doesn’t work unless there are some great producers in the background executing on the dream.  Is he another Jimmy Carter?  Talk is cheap.  We need substance. Yet having Obama as the new face of America is inspiring.  I want to believe but there is a small part of me that is hesitant.  Is he prepared for the ugly Republican machine that will charge up to win the race to the White House.  The race becomes nasty because after all, these candidates are vying for the most powerful job in the nation or perhaps the world. 

Our country needs to take a dramatic and radical change as a leader in the western world.  Who has the capabilities to do that?  Is it Hillary or is it Obama?  In many ways I’d love to see Hillary and Obama work together.  I think they’d make a killer team that would be felt for years to come.  She is a true CEO and he is a great Chairperson.  Egos are both probably too big for that to happen but as I write CEO vs. Chairperson, that is where the fence sits.  Which is better?  CEO or Chairperson?  Having Obama travel around the world meeting leaders is powerful, Hillary executing in DC and getting policies in place.  Maybe they could convince Bloomberg to come in an run the Fed.  Perhaps a dream but  that would by my dream team.  I am going to have to make a decision which side of the fence I should be on by February 5th when I walk into the voting booth on Super Tuesday.

I will say one thing, it has been one helluva race.  Every vote in every state counts.  The next 10 days will be big.  Will it come down to the convention or will the decision be made before hand.  Only time will tell.