Coffee is big in our house.  I grew up with a grinder and a plunger.  I still stick with that method.  I used to love the smell of fresh coffee waking up in the morning as a teenager.  Now I am the one making the coffee.  There was always one rule of thumb in our house about coffee….you must drink it black.  Enjoy the beans for what they are and the different flavors.  We grew up with a mixture of mocha Java and French roast. 

Emily and Jessica have followed the black rule.  Josh is not quite there yet. The girls particularly like an espresso or black with a shot of espresso.  Emily has really been the one who has been tasting new and old places.  Her haunts are Gimme Coffee at 228 Mott Street, Ninth Street Espresso located in Chelsea Market on 16th and 9th Avenue, Coffee (Emily and I just tried this morning) on Charles between Washington and Greenwich and Joe, the Art of Coffee located in 3 locations but Greene (inside Alessi) and Waverly are her favorite locations and Jacks, stir brew on West 10th.   

She says Gimme Coffee and Ninth Street Espresso are tied for first place in terms of taste but Gimme Coffee is a little smoother and the vibe in there is good.  As I get the kids to take over the cooking, Emily will soon be buying an espresso machine and taking over as our homespun barista.   Maybe my future is sleeping in and smelling coffee wafting through the house as I am waking up.  Somehow based on the sleeping cycles of a teenager, I highly doubt it.