Deep Sea Fishing

We went out on the water today with Captain Ray and his side kick Skippy from Kona Sport Fishing (their boat and business).  It is nice to get out on the water and get a completely different perspective of the island.  The only big bummer is that we didn’t really catch any fish. 

We cruised out with 5 different lines hoping that we’d get a bite.  We saw sharks, we saw porpoises but fish were limited.  He took us out to a cove which is a National Reserve.  We snorkeled out to see the reefs and the fish swimming about.  The water was a tad cold but it was fun.  Lots of people going back and forth in canoes.  The land boldly comes straight out the water.  A huge cliff which you wouldn’t want to fall off of. 

It is quite amazing how you can be near land and in the water where you are in at 6000 feet deep.  We are all nowFish
browned and exhausted from a day on the water but I am really glad we did it.  We finally did catch one tiny fish which Fred reeled him.  He happened to be in the chair at that point.  We through it back but it was a highlight.