At one point of our lives, we lived in Brooklyn Heights.  I used to take Jessica to the Brooklyn Botanical Gardens on the weekend.  As close as Brooklyn is to Manhattan, it is a very different place.  Making my way around the Grand Army Plaza and then down the Eastern Parkway seeing the beautiful cherry blossoms in bloom was just beautiful. 

The Brooklyn Museum is one of those buildings that pack a wallop just standing in front of it.  The rooms are almost cavernous with tall ceilings.  I went out to see the Murakami exhibit.  Not your typical artist. 

There is a wide range of work shown from his early years to just recently.  Like companies are now doing everything cross platform, Murakami is a cross platform artist.  He has taken traditional Japanese painting and incorporated animation and comic books into the work.  I looked at his work and thought these characters could be on a cartoon show for Saturday morning or fantastic toys for kids or amazing wall paper for a kids play room or he must have done some serious drugs while creating some pieces of work. His art is perfect for commercial use.

He is a cross between Keith Haring, Andy Warhol and Walt Disney.  My favorite was his latest works.  A few large scale canvases that had one large animated dark figure with a zen quote.  More reminiscent of the latest series of comic books that are not only dark but thought provoking and deeper than you realize at first glance.

Really glad I went.  Very 21st Century.