HarvardHaving kids, buying diapers, watching them learn to walk, seeing them off to the first day of school.  These are all memorable moments.  Taking your first born to look at colleges is one on hand absolutely fantastic because I firmly believe in teaching your kids to be independent and fly the nest.  On the other hand, I can’t believe where the time has flown and how did I become a mother of a kid going to college. 

Applying to colleges, looking at colleges, what is offered at college, absolutely everything about college has changed dramatically since I went to college.  More people, less slots.  Tons of extracurricular options, outrageously expensive, beyond competitive and the parents are different too.

We went on one tour today and the parents asked the majority of the questions which I found strange. Why weren’t the kids asking the questions.  After all, they are the ones that will eventually be coming to the college of their choice, alone.  What the parents were basically asking is which candy bar has the golden ticket for my child so I can pick it.  Sort of funny but sort of insane, that particular school was Harvard. 

The other tour today was Brown.  I’d apply.  It was Jessica’s favorite too.  The open curriculum is fantastic.  In many ways Brown reminds me of LREI.  The key to success is being a self-starter.  Small but not too small.  Providence is a nice sized city with plenty of arts and good food. 

All and all it was really fun to visit college life today.  One thing that still stands out is what I loved about college.  The opportunity to spend  four years of your life in an intellectual setting to take a variety of classes, meet people from all over, and discuss politics at 2am.  College is a four year stepping stone that is essential to becoming an adult.  You transform over time.

I am really excited for Jessica, as I will be for Emily and Josh and in six years from now, it will be just me and Fred.   It seems just like yesterday we were having Jessica.  All I can say is wow.