I was a fan

I admit it.  I was a fan of Hillary Clinton for a long time.  I hit the wall and did a 180.  How she has conducted herself in the primaries is not what I want from a President.  For me, politics as usual doesn’t do it for me anymore (not that it ever did).  I want a big thinker, I want someone who has a well oiled machine, I don’t want someone who is going into debt to continue to run their campaign, I want someone that people believe in.  I also want Obama to stand up and get tough and to get other people in the party to tell her it is time to go. 

Hilary’s audience in Pennsylvania are people who are over 50, making less than $50K a year and don’t have a college degree.  I don’t believe that represents the rest of America.  She can not afford to continue in this campaign because that constituency doesn’t have the cash to support her campaign. 

More and more people are becoming angry with Hillary as time goes on.  The heads of the Democratic party should stop playing politics as usual and tell Hillary, it is time to go.  It is time to unite the Democratic party and run against the Republicans, not run against each other.  It is time to make change.  It is time to open your eyes and see the reality of the situation, you will not win.  By continuing to run a negative campaign, you make the Democratic party look bad which in turn will make it more difficult for us to win in the Fall. 

Please, please…it is time to go.