Passing Strange

I love the name, Passing Strange, which is one of the new musicals to hit Broadway. 

Josh and I had a date last night and I got tickets to Passing Strange.  Clever production but neither of us could get into it.  We left at intermission.  Bottom line, musicals don’t work for us.  I have tried, many times, but this could be the last one.  It should be the last one because I always say how much I don’t enjoy them but continue to torture myself by going.

The best part of our evening is after dinner, we walked into Toys R Us, and took a ride on the carousel.  We did it many years ago on another date night when he couldn’t have been older than 8.  We got a good laugh out of going around and around.  Had our picture taken and took it home. 

Next date, Josh has requested stand-up comedy that is improvisational.  I’m so there.