Small moments

I have been spending a lot of time pondering what should I do next or what else should I do.  Right now, every day is a different day.  There isn’t anything that sits in side me that when I get up every day I can dig my teeth into.  On one hand, I really miss that.  On the other hand, will I be able to do that and remain flexible and focused on my priorities right now?  So, I am going down the path of really clearing out the debris and trying to figure out if I filled those 20 hours what exactly would it be.  I could do a variety of things but what is it that would truly rock my world.  Not sure if I will ever figure that one but then again, it can’t hurt to try.

As I make my way down this path, I found myself sitting home for three days with Josh who is home with a stomach bug.  Watching movies, hanging out, etc.  I had a few things I needed to do but I basically spent the majority of time at home with him.   Jessica had a bad day and wanted to meet me for lunch this week.  It was about 45 minutes before lunch when she called me.  I was totally available.  We got together, if only for half an hour, and I was able to be there just to listen and be supportive. 

Those are the small moments.  If I wasn’t available, it wouldn’t have been a big deal but the moment would have passed.  The fact that I could be there was worth a lot and could never been replaced by checking in at the end of the day.  Those small moments go a long way.  Those are the moments that puts life into perspective and why I ( and also Fred ) are a big presence in our home. 

Maybe I don’t need to fill those few empty hours during the day….and then again, maybe a few wouldn’t hurt.