John O’Connor Research Foundation

A few weeks ago, I went down to the John O'Connor Research Foundation,
to take a series of aptitude tests. I have been thinking more and more
about what I would like to do next and thought this would be a good
starting point.  I might be able to do a variety of things but are those
the things that I am truly "best" at.  Taking the tests might be a
great way of focusing in on what I like and what I actually am best
suited for. 

The tests are interesting.  Visual perception, divergent thinking,
convergent thinking, numerical tests, spatial relations, auditory
tests, memory, artistic judgement, color vision, motor skills,
personality and knowledge tests. I found the entire process
fascinating.  They are trying to discern your natural abilities and

There were absolutely no surprises.  Although I have had a variety of
careers, they have all been line with my abilities ( so says the
aptitude tests).  The tests take two days.  Each day takes about 4
hours.  Then they give you the results on another day which takes a few
hours.  You talk about your past, your interests and what makes sense
for you as an individual.  So, the range is based on your goals and where you are in your life.

Now that a few weeks have passed and I have absorbed the information, I
am really glad that I took the tests.  There is something empowering
about having someone who doesn't know you, assess the results of the test and validate your abilities.

I highly recommend the process.  A friend of mind had his done 20 years
ago at the John O'Connor Research Foundation and had recently pulled
out his results and found he was doing exactly what made sense for
him.  He wants to get all his kids to go through the process at one
point, post college perhaps.
The foundation has been around for many years.  Atlhough the results
aren't surprising, in many ways, the results have opened up my eyes to my world.