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House of ysl
The love of fashion runs deep in our family.  My grandmother was still reading Vogue and wearing the good stuff at the ripe old age of 85.  Her motto was “better over dressed than under dressed”.  Not sure that motto sure stands today but I always liked it. 

I followed my love of fashion and started out in the retail world.  Just a quick note that I have been collecting the September Vogue issue for the past 22 years now.  I never got into the high end fashion world really due to the mere fact that I was unsophisticated in knowing how to navigate that world and that I had zero connections.  At Macy’s, as much as I wanted to steer into the “better” world, it was the people who had parents that knew people and came from a certain background, that got the jobs in those areas.  I ended up in cosmetics to start and as a buyer of large size women’s clothing.  That sort of sums it up.  Later on in life, I did meet people where I had the opportunities to talk about making my way into the true fashion world but I was making so much more money than the equal level jobs that I couldn’t afford to go there.  I literally had “golden handcuffs”.  I was making so much money that unless I was a VP at one of the fashion houses, I couldn’t afford to move there.  So I just decided to consume the fashion world from a far. 

Our daughters love the fashion world.  Especially Jessica who takes it all in and is currently working in an internship in the “fashion” world which she is loving.  You really have to just be taken in by the beauty of the world.  I have been reading The Beautiful Fall…Fashion, Genius and Glorious Excess in 1970’s Paris on our trip.  It is the perfect read while living here.  What an insane world of access and excess.  But at the end of the day, it is all about what camp you are in and that you look good. 

So today, was Reuben’s last day ( picture of him) so Emily and him went off and Josh and Fred went offReuben
and Jessica and I went over to the YSL Foundation to give a nod to the master.  Different exhibits rotate through there every few months.  We got Morocco today.  No exactly what we were expecting but no problem.  I got two books, one that shows his collections over the years and the other of his comic strip LuLu which is going out of print.  We also walked by the YSL House.  Now I know why it is called a house, it truly is. 

We were in the 16th where there is also a style museum, Musée de la Mode et du Costume which was closed until November.  So bummed.  Really wanted to see it. So instead we wandered around and hit up a few stores that are a must before we leave. 

I really like the 16th.  It is quiet.  One of the wonderful things about Paris, is I get the feeling, no matter how long you live here, there are always things to discover.  The streets have no true rhythm, they just meander.  You come upon a statue, a park, a wonderful store or candy shop.  Truly wonderful.  Jess and I sat next to 2 women today who have lived in Paris for over 30 years.  Both ex-pats.  They both said they were still discovering Paris.  I love that. 

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