Our next cash crop?

Marijuana, for all intensive purposes, is legal in the state of California. 

My brother and I discussed this at length this past weekend.  We laughed mostly.  California, has an old law that was put on the books in the early 1900's that citizens, with enough signatures, can get a referendum on the ballot.  12 years ago, because of HIV patients in San Francisco, who were smoking weed to alleviate their pain, someone put on the California ballot a referendum to allow people with health issues to obtain weed legally.  The law passed.  Yet, once the law passes, it goes to Sacramento where the Government has to figure out how the law is going to work.  There is no money devoted to it, no systems, nothing.  Just a law that was passed by the citizens of California.  Once it gets out of Sacramento, then people begin pushing the envelope on how they interpret the law.

You can basically go to a doctor, tell him or her that you would like to have marijuana to help you sleep and they give you a prescription.  The doctors gives you something called a passport.  You have to return to this doctor annually for renew your prescription.  Many of these doctors do nothing but provide this service.  Once you had a passport, you can then go to many of the stores around California and purchase your supply.  You can buy up to one ounce a day.  The stores not only sell different strains, they also sell products for cooking and tabs for travel.  Also, if you are smoking outside a restaurant, having a cigarette, you can also smoke a joint if you have a passport.  Word to the wise, always carry your passport.

The benefits are huge.  First of all, the person who is selling you the weed knows their stock.  Think of going to a wine store and talking to the sommelier about what you are looking to drink.  I want to get seriously stoned, I like to have a mild buzz, etc.  Remember, this is not street dope, this is legally grown pot that isn't cut with who knows what. 

The law also lets you grow up to 99 plants in your home so many homes have become grow houses particularly in rural cities that are in need of a kick to their economy. 

The most interesting statistic has yet to come out.  There are something like 10 other states who have also passed this law with more restrictions.  California is probably the loosest.  Remember, all transactions are taxed.  The police force no longer spends time enforcing the laws pertaining to marijuana.  In essence, the billions saved from the police department and the taxes that have been generated could be a huge windfall of profit for the state of California.

As our economy continues south.  Farmers have so many subsidies that they are not exactly making money.  Perhaps, the legalization of marijuana, could be the next big thing.  Think of a generation of kids growing up and being able to buy a case of beer, a bottle of wine, a bottle of vodka and an 1/8 of an ounce….all being taxed and monitored by the Government. If other countries follow suit we can begin shipping our products overseas.  An entire new economy is built on marijuana.

Sounds crazy?  Looking forward to seeing the real tax dollars generated from California soon.  Definitely worth watching the video from the NY Times on the "Marijuana State"