Still in Edinburgh

I am still in Edinburgh  I posted about Spotted Pig because I kept thinking about it.  I really love the place. 

Edinburgh is a great city to visit for a day or two but I am traveled out.  So, we have really not taken in any sites except for theater, a bit of shopping and some meals.  None of us feeling as we are missing out either.  We have done quite a bit of walking, as always, it is the best way to get to know a city.  This picture Josh took of the park.  Really green. 

Yesterday, Fred left for Leeds.  The 3 of us, hit up the new Harvey Nichols in town and a few other spots like Top Shop.  I have been searching for a long lost fishermans sweater.  Years ago, that would be in college, there was a woman, Neva McIntosh, who had a store on the Royal Mile.  She hand knit all her sweaters.  You would go in and pick what you wanted, colors, etc., and she would ship the sweater when she finished.  I still have a pink/grey sweater with a crew neck and that design that goes around the neck.  There is a special name for the sweater but I can't remember it.  My in-laws were here 10 years ago and I told them about the shop.  Neva was still open.  They bought me a fishermans sweater in a cardigan style.  I loved it.   A dry cleaner lost it and I still pine for that sweater.  I have looked high and low and all I have found is cheap replacements.  In the end, Jessica and Josh were thrilled when I gave up the hunt. 

We came back to the room and literally chilled until dinner.  It was a joy.  I read a book yesterday, The Danish Girl.  We had dinner at Atrium.  Dinner was very good.  The highlights were wood pigeon and a goat cheese leek tart.  Dinner was lamb – they love their lamb here and a fish dish.  The "gourmet" restaurants here have been like eating at someones home who has a really good recipe and happens to be an excellent cook.  Nothing omigod or brilliantly beautiful.  Just really well prepared food.

We walked home, finally no rain, and watched Iron Man.  Glad I saw that.  Robert Downey Jr is such a great actor.  Instead of going to something we had tickets for, we all sat in bed together and chilled.  Honestly, it couldn't have been a more perfect night.

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