The Spotted Pig

The Spotted Pig has become our local haunt.  Unfortunately, we have to be very strategic about getting in.  Lunch is never a problem and dinner as long as you are there by 630.  Also, good to have Josh with you.  They recognize him as a local who dines their often.  I find it hilarious considering I probably dine there more often than him but I guess I must blend in with the crowd vs. a kid.  Josh loves it.

I have yet to have a bad meal there.  Why is it is so damn good?   I have probably tried everything on the menu over the past year.  Some old favorites leave and then they return and once in awhile something new turns up which I try.  The burger, is hands down the best but I generally go with something else.

There have been a handful of restaurants over the years where I couldn't count the amount of times I went there.  Spotted Pig might reign supreme.  The food is fantastic and I love that it is down the street.  Can't say I love the lines but the food is just so damn good.