It was a dark and stormy night and the village is changing

Yesterday and last night was a wash out.  Fred and I braved the storm and went to see Un Secret at the IFC on Waverly and Sixth Avenue.   

The IFC was built a few years ago.  Not that much has really changed about that block and area since the doors opened at the IFC.  The films that have shown there have been random.  The line up for Fall looks as though the choices will be geared towards more film festival winners.  I hope so.  The theater seems under utilized.  Last night was the first time I saw people actually waiting in line to see this movie. 

The entire neighborhood is changing not on that block but through out the West Village.  Lots of conversation about the rents going up but I am not sure that is the entire reason.  On Christopher Street, Rag and Bone just opened next door to Lord Willy's.  Two stores geared towards the hipsters of NYC sitting among tattoo parlors and gay sex shops.  Why? 

NYC is a true capitalist democracy.  Change is constant.  We are watching the changing of downtown NYC post 9/11.  Tribeca has surged with a Whole Foods and a variety of hipster fashion boutiques. Again, why? 

The customers and people that used to frequent the stores that are closing after so many years in the neighborhood are closing because their customers are gone.  Perhaps they have been pushed out by the cost of owning or renting an apartment or perhaps they have aged and their interest to shop in those stores doesn't exist anymore. 

The 20 year old punk rockers of yesteryear are not the 20 year old hipsters of today.  The 20 year olds of today might be looking for a great rental but their sense of fashion and interests are completely different than it was in the 70's.  The people walking and living around the streets of the West Village are not frequenting the shoe stores that exist on 8th street or the sex shops on Christopher.  They are walking through Rag and Bone or Marc Jacobs.  Granted in 10 years, the customer will change again and maybe people won't be interested in the Magnolia Bakery.  That is what makes this city so great.  It is economics 101.  Supply and demand. 

As for Un Secret, I do love the French films but this is long and not that well edited.  The story is compelling but not that interesting.  I wouldn't put it high on the list of movies to see. 

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