Sarah Palin

I can't resist.  I have held back but you can't make this stuff up.  I am not sure Hollywood writers could have come up with this stuff.  It gets better daily.  Starting with Sarah Palin and her teenager daughter to Cindy McCain's affair.

Regardless that the only reason that John McCain probably picked Palin is because she is a woman and that she is beyond unqualified to become the President of the United States ( god forbid ) and that she  supposedly took Wasilla ( where she was mayor ) from a no debt city to a city with $22 million in debt to pay for a sports facility vs a sewage system.  Those are certainly issues but that is not what I don't get.

My friend and I were talking about this today.  Sarah Palin had a baby with downs syndrome and went back to work a few days later.  That kid has been seen on the tv just moving from person to person.  A kid with special needs.  I thought the Republicans were all about family values.  Ok, maybe I shouldn't be dissing her mothering abilities after all everyone does it differently.  But, how about her 17 year old daughter.

Her 17 year old daughter is 5 months pregnant with her 18 year old boyfriend.  Her boyfriend dropped out of High School.  Not sure if the daughter is going to continue with her education.  Question is, what type of life do they have ahead of them?  He hasn't finished High School so what type of job is he going to have?  Who is going to take care of their kid once they have it.  Our country lacks state of the art childcare services.  What type of mother was Sarah Palin to her 17 year old daughter?  Did they ever discuss birth control?  Did she give her any advice for her future?  Is this the kind of family or family values that is obviously being espoused in their family that we want America to adopt?  What are the chances of success for these kids?  Success is having a roof over your head, being able to pay your bills, being able to put food on the table and being able to take care of yourself and your family through work by being a working citizen.  That is not the future I see for Sarah Palin's daughter and her husband to-be.  Yet, family values has been part of the Republican mantra for so long….is this family values?

Why aren't there more editorials and questions about this issue.  Good judgment starts in the home particularly if you are a mother.  I am in a relationship that is 50/50 but I believe there are many households our there where the mother is spending more time in helping shape the children vs the father.  Sarah Palin ( and possibly her husband too ) certainly missed the boat.  Why aren't people talking about that?

I am sure where there is smoke, there is fire.  I have received emails about the reality of Sarah Palin's leadership skills in Alaska.  Abysmal and misguided but so are many politicians.  Our country has no support system for women (teenagers too) who have children to have a future (job employment or graduating school )at the same time unless they have a family who can support them financially or take care of their kids.

Bottom line…what type of mother is Sarah Paln?