A quick list

A friend of mine is having their family come over for four days from Europe.  They want to experience NY through food.  My kind of people.  Here is the quick list I sent.

Spotted Pig.  You must go early or you have to wait but it is happening and the food is fantastic.  Our favorite spot.

Yasuda which is incredible sushi.  Do the omikase and sit at the bar if you can. Reservations needed.

Momofuko. Again, no reservations, but a must.  David Chang is a genius.

Little Owl is you can get a reservation.  The food is delicious and the vibe is one of a local neighborhood restaurant. 

Katz's deli for lunch….don't bother with dinner.  Classic.  Even going to the Parker Meridian hotel there is a small burger place (the burger joint) that basically serves burgers, brownies, chocolate shakes and that's it.  Good for lunch and a walk back in time.

Gramercy Tavern but I prefer the front room vs the back.  Always good and a great vibe.  Really you should sit in the bar area.  Good for lunch too.

Fatty Crab – no reservations again but the food is different and clever.

Peter Luger – quintessential NY

Le Bernadin is divine and fancy.  Gotham Bar and Grill is old school and still rocks.

Pearl Oyster bar but you could do that for lunch which I would recommend.  New England food at its best.

If you happen to be doing theater, Esca is one of my favorite restaurants in that area.  The crudo is worth the trip alone.

Babbo wasn't that good last time we went but it could have been the night.  The vibe and music is very nyc.