Changing the roads in NYC

At every turn there is a new bike lane.  The city just started working on Hudson Street.  It is fantastic.  The bikers should be separated by a median from the cars.  Much safer.  Less area for driving will perhaps create an incentive for people to start using bicycles. 

I loved the Velib system in Paris but the bikers were in the same lanes as the buses which scared the hell out of me.  If we had the Velib system here, with the separation of bike lanes for bikers only, it would be great.  If I was in Soho and needed to jump home, I could grab a bike and be home in 5 minutes.

Downtown we travel so much east and west vs north and south that the subway system isnt always the best option.  If there were bicycles on different street corners….it would literally change the way people commute. 

With the changing of the roads, the city is obviously looking to make changes for a greener city.  Good news.