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Happy Inauguration DayImage by BIG_Slow via FlickrToday, the Presidential inauguration of Barack Obama, is finally here.  I feel as though I have been waiting 8 years for this.  The Bush administration stood for everything that I do not.  On one hand, there is something satisfying knowing that I knew all along that this administration was going to leave this country in chaos but on the other hand ( the bigger picture ) is it incredibly upsetting.  Happy to see people who were hard core Republicans see the light.  There is not a person in this country, regardless of their loyalties to either party, that want to see Obama be successful.  Our future really depends on it.

I hope that our Government, our elected officials, can put their egos, their pet projects, their way of doing business in the past and pull up their boot straps and get to work.  We are going to spend a huge amount of money that will put our country into an even bigger hole financially but this money must be spent on projects that will actually create revenues and jobs and put us into the 21st century.  Not a little here and a little there that selfish Senators and Governors will use towards projects that are politically motivated.  We need to all think big picture. 

The Republicans have to stop whining about spending too much Government money.  Bush left us with a larger deficit than any other President ever.  If we need to spend more than we thought to move this country in the 21st century particularly in terms of brick and mortar, bridges, tunnels, transportation, parks, etc., then let's do it.  There needs to be an entire new way of thinking.  There also needs to be a total face lift.

When new companies start-up, they can go through lots of cash before they fine tune the model.  Sometimes young companies get started and before they know it there are millions of users but they are still losing money daily.  But eventually, if they have smart people, and a really smart entrepreneur, they figure out how to make money with all the users and make the business profitable.  A few years down the line of paying back the debt is fine because in the long run, the upside is huge.  That is how we need to look at the huge amount of money our Government is going to spend.  We will get it back, it will take time, but the money spent now needs to execute on a vision, build a brand and grow the user base. 

I do believe Obama knows that.  I hope that the egos in Washington will get behind him.  Nancy Pelosi who made a stink because she wasn't consulted about Leon Panetta is exactly the bullshit I am talking about.  Everyone in Washington needs to roll up their sleeves, think out of the box and get to work in a new and different way.  A really smart entrepreneur knows that if the business model is not
working at 11am on Tuesday morning, then at 11:01 on Tuesday morning,
changes must be made immediately.  I think Obama is that type of leader
but our elected officials who seem to be uninnovative and set in a mode
that is incredibly stagnant, need to think differently too.

Today is a day for a fresh start on so many levels.  The fact that Americans took the bold step of electing an African American to be the leader of the Western world because he was the best candidate of this time is remarkable in itself.  He represents change, he represents new thinking, he represents the youth (our future), he represents community, he represents family, he represents collaboration and he represents intellect. Yes, intellect is a good thing.  Not only should we applauding that the change today is hopefully a change in America's future, we should be applauding ourselves as a nation that we took the bold step of electing the first African American to be the 44th President of the United States. 

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