First accidents

  Jessica got her license yesterday.  You have to be 18 in NYC to get a license to drive.  Hey, its a tough town. 

I made Jessica go through the driver's ed class, one on one driving etc.  For one, your insurance rates go down and I believe it is best to hone your skills with someone besides your parents. 

This morning, Jessica wanted to pick up her friend on her 18th bday and drive her to school.  She lives on the Upper West Side and we are in the West Village.  Of course we had to say yes.  I remember getting my license and figuring I was an expert day one too.

This morning Fred comes upstairs and says to me, I am a little worried about Driving Miss Daisy's outing today.  I was too but there is no time like the present. 

Something in my gut told me that I was going to get the call this morning saying that she had an accident.  I took my brother and sister out for ice cream on my first night of getting my license, in the pouring rain and took out a mailbox.  My brother, I believe on this first outing, hit some snow and side swiped a car, my sister did something too.  Alas, it was bound to happen.

The good news is nobody was hurt.  The bad news, she did quite a nice job.  Took out a headlight, smashed a bit of the hood and the side.  The other car was a delivery truck and she smashed their door.  This is the picture of the truck…our car looks worse.  Very sweet. 

She was on 20th Street on the way back down from the UWS when it happened.  I didn't race out to save the day.  I talked to her a few times and let her deal.  The cop made her take a breathalyzer test, she had to deal with the insurance swap and phone numbers, the whole deal.  It sucked and it was stressful but that's life. 

She came out on the other end learning many lessons.  Now she needs to get back into the saddle and I have to get the car fixed.