Emily and I went to a few places yesterday for items needed.  We were blown away by the bad help.  Is it the growing frustration over the economy?  Not sure but one of the places we went to definitely lost a sale from us. 

We went to Soho to Space NK for some make-up.  I am not a huge make-up girl but at this point I am down to bare bones.  Emily wanted a few things too.  A young woman approached us to ask what what we needed.  I told her exactly what we were looking for.  She literally dragged me over to each counter and asked me what I liked, and what I would want.  There is one thing I know about the world of cosmetics, the sales person needs to be the aggressor here.  She should have taken one look at me, figured out which line she was going to sell to me, taken me to a seat and began working on me based on what I told her I liked.  By the time she was over giving me a new look, I would have happily given her my credit card and went home with my new products.  Instead, by the time we got to the fourth line and I was given no direction, Emily looked at me and said under her voice, we don't need to stay here.  Right she was, and we left.  Believe me, there isn't a store in the city that couldn't use a customer right now.  It is wa store, I'd fire her, pronto.

Then we went over to Burton.  Emily needed snow pants.  We asked for help but all we got was direction.  After much looking we actually did find a pair of pants but the selection is abysmal even though the store was chocked with merchandise.  Not sure who is designing the line for Burton but they should really go back to the drawing board for the women's department. 

Last stop, Dean and Deluca.  Only went there because we were in the neighborhood.  Decided to stay in last night and make a nice dinner and needed food.  I started off at the meat counter.  Asked for the leg of lamb that was in the counter, the last and only.  The guy started pulling out lamb chops.  I said again, no the leg of lamb, he started pulling out the other lamb chops.  I finally got his attention and pointed to the lamb and said this right here is a leg of lamb.  He was so confused.  Pulled it out and then couldn't find the price which I led him to too.  Hmmm. 

We then went to find a few cans of chickpeas.  We knew were in the right section.  I tried to engage a sales person who literally ignored me.  I finally got her attention and asked if they had chick peas.  She said no, do you see them here, this is where the beans are and we don't have them.  Woah.  I looked down and there they were…plenty of them.  What is up with that?  Another sales person in need of an attitude adjustment.

Emily and I were blown away by all the bad service we had in one day.  Are stores just hiring cheap labor to keep the costs down?  Now is a time to hire engaging charming sales people who know how to draw in the customer.  Space NK lost my sale, Burton only got a pair of pants but we would have bought a jacket too, and Dean and Deluca only got a sale based on location but I'm not returning for anything next time I'm in the neighborhood.  Today, I bought all my valentines gifts on line. 

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