Susie’s Supper Club

Last night, we went over to our friends house and as we were walking up the stoop, the delivery man was walking down.  We laughed and said…"dinner for the kids"?  In the back of my head I thought 2 things, damn are my kids spoiled because I literally cook a meal every night unless they all go out.  If we have ordered in 2 times the past year, that would be big.  Then I thought, Susie's Supper Club.  I should clue them in.

The one thing about NYers, is that there is definitely a high percentage of people who just don't cook.  No matter how bad the economy gets, there will always be delivery and there will always be restaurants with people in them. 

What I love about Susie's Supper Club is that the food is geared towards kids.  She has created menus of snacks, sides, sweets, soups, main courses and family dinners.  If you are a parent who hates to cook and ends up ordering in for the kids the majority of the time, order from Susie.  She will deliver a weeks worth of your needs with directions on everything to warm up, etc.

Let your kids enjoy the benefits of a well balanced good home cooked meal every night and make ordering in a special treat not the norm.  Susie's is affordable and the best part, the food is really good.  Let her know I sent you!