New concepts

Images It is always been a pastime of mine to watch trends.  Or at least espouse about trends that I think are coming down the pike.  Like everything, sometimes right, sometimes wrong.  I have started to see websites that although different in content, they seem to be the same idea.

For instance, there is and One Kings Lane.  Gilt group is running daily sales of merchandise that they are aggregating from a variety of designers. One Kings Lane does the same thing with housewares.  Really clever.  One location for customers to go and find the deal of the day.  So far, they are both posting huge numbers.  How long that will continue, who knows but the desire for a bargain works in good times and bad.

Then there is another group of blogs that are similar but using different content.  Goldstar ( which I recently blogged about ) is posting tickets available at a discounted price, in different cities, on a daily and weekly basis.  Another site came my way this past week called Escapeer.  Escapeer is pulling together in NYC so far, but I am going to assume other cities are soon to come, where you can search for activities that are available that day such as bike riding, helicopter rides, skiing etc.  I'd like to see them eventually list and link to all the classes in different areas of each city from yoga to spin.  Someone will probably launch another site for culture happenings from galleries and museums.  Maybe, maybe not.

Then there are food sites such as Foodzie and Foodoro that are pulling together all the artisinal products that are sold on the web and creating a market destination.

The web has become such an unruly universe.  It isn't surprising to see sites like these pop up.  If you like the site, it becomes your destination location for sales, events or activities.  All of these websites have in common the ability to create larger audience for the vendors that they are selling.  Rolling them up under one roof and creating a unique experience which people can come to daily and discover new things.  I am sure I could come up with a bunch of other sites with different products but you get the gist.

The key to the web is making sure that no matter what your product, it is essential to get it in front of the eyeballs that are looking for it.  It doesn't have to be your personal companies site.  It has to be everywhere so that the user finds it easily and executes on the purchase be it an event or a product, everybody gets to share in the rewards, consumer and provider. 

Just an observation.