Perfection by Julie Metz

41y58NmVBdL._SL500_AA240_ I was sent the book Perfection by Julie Metz, opened it and read it over 2 nights.  A really worthwhile read.  This is Metz's memoir. 

Metz had been married 16 years when her husband drops dead on their kitchen floor.  All of a sudden she finds herself a widowed 44 year old with a young daughter.  As Metz begins to pick up the pieces of her life, she discovers many hidden truths.  Her husband, Harry,  had been having affairs through out their marriage and even before.  Metz takes control by connecting with everyone that Harry had an affair with to understand the betrayal. Who he was and why was she so blinded.  What comes out of it is a kind of coming of age book at age 44.  You don't have to be 18 and take off the rose colored glasses, it can happen at any age. 

Her notion of perfection, signs she missed, relationships she made and starting to look at the world with a clearer sense of self.  There is a spiritual part of the book too as Metz starts to move from one life and into the next.  It is obvious she was never a believer in all the new age nonsense but so many things have happened that maybe some of it brings value.

I really enjoyed her writing.  Not only is the book well written so you can imagine her people and her surroundings, it is honest and transparent.  I have been really thinking about what she went through since I put down the book and how what she learned makes anyone take a step back and reassess where they stand. 

It hits the book stands June 9th.  Pick it up.